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Reference Genome Projects

Category All projects
Airways 236
Blood 75
bone 27
ear 4
Eye 8
Gastrointestinal Tract 823
Heart 2
Liver 1
Lymph Nodes 1
Nose 2
Oral 355
other 13
Skin 268
Unknown 656
Urogenital Tract 580
Wound 4
All Strains 3055

Metagenomic Projects

Category All projects
HMP Production 525

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The HMP Project Catalog provides metadata for all human associated isolate reference genome and healthy human metagenome samples. Metadata collected for sequencing projects complies with the Genomic Standards Consortium MIGS/MIMS minimum information requirements. The Catalog is built upon the Genomes OnLine (GOLD) database structure and the IMG-GOLD system for capturing genome project information.

Users of this resource can:

  • View all HMP/IHMC reference genomes, along with links to data and resource repositories
  • Search for a specific species or strain(s) of interest
  • Filter on over 60 metadata fields, including body site, taxonomic group, project status, sequencing center, and more
  • Show and hide columns to generate custom tables
  • Export custom tables as excel or csv files

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Browse the Catalog by selecting a body site from the column on the right, or filter on a field of interest here. Additional filters are available within the Project Catalog.

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