The HMP performed 16S short variable region sequencing on over 10,000 samples collected from 15-18 body sites from 300 healthy human subjects. For more detail, see Microbiome Analyses.

A subset of these samples were described in a series of 2012 publications in Nature and PLoS. This subset consisted of 7518 SRA sequence runs encompassing 5034 samples and over 10,000 sequence preparations, corresponding to 16S variable regions v1v3, v3v5 and v6v9. Here we provide access to raw reads and metadata corresponding to these 7518 sequence runs. Raw reads are available as compressed directories of .sff files per SRA run (SRR). Reads have been split into batches by SRR id to allow for more manageable download. Metadata is available as a compressed directory of library metadata (.lmd) files, with one file per run. Metadata fields include NCBI SRA run accession, sequencing center, barcode and primer information, and body site. See the SOP for a complete list of fields contained in this file.

Trimmed, deconvoluted 16S fasta files are available at HM16STR.

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