Raw data from bioinformatics

This file table provides completely raw data as deposited by each of the MBQC-baseline's bioinformatics labs. This includes, at the least, an OTU table identified using Greengenes identifiers and a Newick-formatted phylogeny incorporating any additional de novo OTUs. Some labs chose to also deposit supplemental files such as processing scripts or protocol documentation.

Blinded sample handling data for bioinformatics distribution

Between the MBQC-baseline's sample handling / data generation phase and its bioinformatics phase, all sequence data were deposited by the handling labs and re-blinded prior to distribution for bioinformatics. This file table provides the raw, re-blinded sequence data as distributed to bioinformatics teams. Each handling lab is anonymized, and each sample is centrally demultiplexed and identified by the “Bioinformatics.ID” field as provided above and in the MBQC supplement.

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